Getting Better Gas Mileage

Improving vehicle safety, increasing the life of your car, getting better fuel economy, and protecting the environment all go hand-in-hand.

Fuel Efficiency Checklist

  • Leave the premises. After starting the engine, it is best to drive off immediately. Idling causes pollution and excessive fuel consumption.

  • Ease on down the road. Depress the accelerator gently to drive away and change to a higher gear in time.

  • Don’t stop too fast. Do not approach traffic lights at full speed. If it is clear that you will have to stop, begin slowing down well in advance.

  • Leave the speeding to NASCAR drivers. Driving at high speed (over 50 mph and especially over 60 mph) uses more fuel and causes more pollution.

  • Avoid wind drag. Where possible keep all windows closed and ensure that the doors, hood, and trunk are securely fastened.

  • Maintain your space bubble. Keep a sufficient distance between your car and the vehicle ahead. This way there is less need to react suddenly, and you can brake and accelerate more smoothly.

  • Don’t carve up the curves. On curves, reduce speed in time and accelerate smoothly when you are halfway through a turn. Late, heavy braking before a curve followed by rapid acceleration leads to excessive fuel consumption.

  • Look ahead. If you watch the road ahead and anticipate any likely problems, your driving style will become smoother and better controlled.

  • Keep your tires happy. Tires in good condition and at the right pressure improve both safety and fuel consumption. Be sure to check your tires regularly. We check ’em all with every Star Service Oil Change.

  • Let us care for your car. Stop by your local Havoline Xpress Lube & Tire Pros to ensure your car is properly and regularly maintained. Poor engine lubrication, wheel alignment and poorly adjusted brakes can increase fuel consumption.
  • “I put about 40,000 miles on my car each year. Your 15-Point Star Service Oil Change gives me peace of mind that my vehicle is road ready…”
    – L. Doty, Hueytown, AL