Havoline Xpress Lube & Tire Pros
vs. The Dealer

At Havoline Xpress Lube & Tire Pros, we understand the value of your time and your money. We also know that you want the highest quality products and best possible care for your car. Many vehicle owners believe that to get that high level of service and not void the warranty, you have to take it back to the dealer that sells your specific brand. Not true. Our ASE-Certified techs follow the same manufacturer recommendations for your vehicle that the dealer does and we provide expert care that is guaranteed to maintain your warranty.

Havoline vs. The Dealer

We view scheduled maintenance and general repairs as services that should be handled while you wait instead of having to leave your vehicle for longer than necessary. We also believe in providing these key services at an affordable price that won’t drain your wallet. You’ve heard the stories of people having to leave their vehicles for days or having to pay twice the expected amount for service at the dealer. This doesn’t have to be your story. Stop by your local Havoline Xpress Lube & Tire Pros to experience expert car care that best fits your schedule and your budget.

  • “I put about 40,000 miles on my car each year. Your 15-Point Star Service Oil Change gives me peace of mind that my vehicle is road ready…”
    – L. Doty, Hueytown, AL